JENS Advocaten
(strategic) advice,
(legal) assistance and
guidance in the areas of
employment law,
pension law,
contract law
and corporate law
 Expat legal helpdesk
* Our legal expat experts

Our lawyers are experienced in advising expats in the Netherlands concerning various fields of (international) employment law. For over years the lawyers of JENS have been providing legal guidance and advice to the expat community in the Netherlands. We also do litigation. So if you are facing work related (legal) issues, or if you need assistance by navigating through Dutch employment law, or if you want to know your rights as a consultant, do not hesitate to contact JENS (lawyers). JENS will immediately provide you with a reliable support in case of a legal issue.

* What we do

Our (expat)specialists (Renate Stam, Jeannette Stam and Sascha Janssen) work in areas such as:

  • Individual employment contracts and collective labour agreement
  • Dismissals and (also mutual) termination of employment contracts
  • Non-compete clauses
  • Working conditions and the probationary period
  • Privacy law / General Data Protection Regulation
  • Drafting and reviewing of commission/consultant agreements (not leading to employment)
  • Drafting and reviewing of agreements about shares or business acquisition
  • Drafting and reviewing general terms and conditions
  • Advising and litigating on liability issues of a director or of a counterparty.

On regular base JENS gives workshops related to legal subjects concerning expats. You can attend our workshops and meet the lawyers and ask them your questions.

* Where to find us

JENS is located in the centre of the Netherlands, in Utrecht. You are welcome to visit us for a consultation. You can find further information on our Contact page.

* Some FAQs